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What Fire Damage Restoration Services Includes?

What Fire Damage Restoration Services Includes?

When there’s fire, the smoke accompanies it. The combination of these two can significantly destroy your property. For instance, the damage can be in the form of burnt furniture, destroyed staircases, and holes resulting from a burnt rooftop. Not just residential property but even commercial property is vulnerable to this damage in case of a fire accident.

However, if you call a fire and smoke damage restoration company at the right time, they will immediately address all the issues to minimize damage. Their fire damage restoration services will help you sort out the mess and return the property to its original state.

Below, we have talked about what fire damage restoration services include!

1. Inspection: After calling the professional regarding the accident, the incident response team will arrive at your location and evaluate the extent of the damage. They will perform the necessary tests and assessments for analyzing the destruction and develop a plan of action to rectify it.

2. Tarping and board up: A fire accident may destroy the doors, windows, and roof of your property. These gaping holes can invite various problems, like the intrusion of wild animals or thieves. Therefore, the fire restoration company will board up these openings and place tarps on the rooftops to safeguard your property from further damage.

3. Soot and smoke cleanup: Cleanup is one of the essential services offered by the fire and smoke damage restoration company. A fire accident can result in acid stains, discoloration of walls and appliances, and the formation of rust due to acid residue. If you do not clean acidic residue on time, it can result in permanent damage.

Moreover, soot, another harmful agent, can enter the layers of the structure if you do not clean it properly. The professionals will reinstate your property into its original state using innovative techniques. They will also deep clean the carpets and rugs to remove the soot and smoke particles between the fibers. Later, they will sanitize the entire area to make it ideal for living.

4. Removal of odor: After a fire accident, one will experience a strong smoke odor which can make it difficult to live there. Therefore, professionals will identify and remove the odor source using innovative technology, like hydroxyl machines.

5. Water damage restoration: Water damage restoration and fire damage restoration are closely associated with each other. For instance, if a fire accident results in a water pipe burst or leak, your property may get flooded. That is why most fire damage restoration professionals also offer commercial and residential water damage restoration services.

During this process, they will detect the source of moisture and address the issues. Then, they will remove all the excess water through water extraction technology. Finally, they will dry the surface using powerful dehumidifiers.

6. Complete restoration: Some fire damage restoration contractors offer full restoration, including major and minor repairs. For instance, they will paint your home, replace the drywall, and reconstruct your garden. This process will ensure that the property is back in its original state.

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