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Fire/Smoke Damage

One of the top fire restoration contractors, Newhouse Restoration, knows that fire in your home is a traumatic experience. Even minor fires can leave lasting damage.

Rescuing Your Home in Times of Need

Fires don’t only leave visible damage due to the burns, but can create smoke discoloration, and leave behind soot. Your home may even suffer water damage in an effort to put the fire out. We strive to do everything in our power to restore your home to its previous condition. Newhouse Restoration is a reputed fire restoration company in Bohemia, NY. Feel free to call us at 631-604-8590 to get quotes for fire damage restoration contractors. Our team is trained to safely navigate fire and smoke damage and provide you with repairs that make a difference.

Put Your Home in Trusted Hands

Get Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration with Newhouse Restoration


Newhouse Restoration has the careful touch needed to assist you and your family during this trying time.


We know that the damage caused by fire can be more than just the loss of physical things.


If you’re already living through the aftermath of a fire, you shouldn’t have to lose your most important belongings.


In the case of fire or smoke damage to your home, call us to get the expert care you deserve.

Restoring Damage from Common Fire Types

Our expert team knows how to address the damage caused by various fire types.

This includes the burning of synthetic items, natural structures such as trees and shrubs, and by appliance malfunction. We know how to look for and restore the different types of residue and smoke damage created by each of these events.

Damage Doesn’t End When You Put Out the Fire

Unfortunately, damage created by fire goes beyond the char and smoke you see initially. We look for smoke discoloration on your walls, ceiling, and household goods. It can yellow even strong finishes and tarnish metal quickly. We’ll actively rid the area of lingering smoke to restore air quality and to prevent even further damage to your belongings.

Never Try to Clean Up Yourself

Even after the fire is gone, your home can be filled with several biohazards due to the effects of burning materials. Touching or inhaling these elements can easily create breathing and other health problems.

Protect yourself and your family. Trust your fire and smoke cleanup and restoration to a qualified team who knows how to do the job and stay safe.

The Important of Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Even after the fire department eliminates the source, your home goods are still subject to damage.

We know that in these emergency circumstances, you need a team that can respond efficiently.

We’ll be there to make sure your home is safe from any additional damage.

What Does Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Include?

This includes boarding up areas, cleaning up soot and smoke damage, sanitizing the air for safe breathing, dehumidifying, and much more.

We will do everything in our capabilities to ensure that you, your home, and your goods are as safe as possible. From there, we begin working to restore everything affected by the incident.

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