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Asbestos Removal in Bohemia, Long Island, New York

Newhouse Restoration is one of the leading asbestos abatement removal companies in Bohemia, NY, providing the best hoarder house cleaning services! Asbestos can often be overlooked as far as the dangers that can be exposed in certain building materials. When it goes too far, call Newhouse Restoration for a solution.

An Overlooked and Serious Issue

The truth is that asbestos can quickly become a major physical hazard that affects the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. We advise those affected to seek the help in removing the materials that can pose a threat to the health of you and your family. Newhouse Restoration is here to assist you and your family with the necessary cleanup to protect your home from harmful asbestos.

The Asbestos Abatement Process

Asbestos Abatement Removal with Newhouse Restoration


We understand that the presence of asbestos can be difficult for the homeowner as well as their friends and family.


We use safe practices to navigate the environment to prevent the spread of asbestos and other harmful contaminants.


Once the home is free of asbestos, we take care to sanitize and clean the home to make it habitable once again.


We’re here for you because we understand the significance and impact of navigating such a hazard.

How Do Our Hoarding House Cleaning Services Help?

Asbestos can leave tenants and homeowners in a dangerous environment. Particularly bad environments can see a buildup of filth, hazardous particles, and other materials that can cause disease or other health issues.

We Understand Your Situation

It’s a difficult situation to navigate as the asbestos materials may require a resident to vacate the premises for a certain amount of time. We will help to arrange your temporarily lodging needs, if necessary, while we take care of the structural and environmental hazards.

A Complete Guide to Asbestos Abatement


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    "We called Josh and he had someone here promptly. Not only was his crew punctual and prompt, they were CLEAN. Everything was bagged up and in my garbage. I wouldn’t have even known they were here. Rates were also super affordable. We truly appreciate the Newhouse crew! Thank you!!"

    Nikki Vetrano Gallagher