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Water Damage Restoration Services

Whether you’re affected by a plumbing issue or a severe weather event, you need a team that can protect you from water damage. Contact our water damage restoration company to discuss your needs.

Water Damage Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Home

The longer water is allowed to sit, the more damage it can cause to you and your home. When high amounts of water and moisture invade your home, you need a team of experts who know how to remedy the situation fast. Newhouse Restoration offers the emergency service you need to restore your home to the way it was before the damage. Don’t take any chances when it comes to water damage – call Newhouse Restoration right away.

How Newhouse Restoration Helps

Water Damage Restoration with Newhouse Restoration


We follow a proven process that allows us to act fast. After we inspect the damage, we create a plan of attack.


We start by ridding your home of the standing water by pumping and vacuuming it out.


From there, it’s necessary to dry and dehumidify the home to drain any additional moisture still residing in the home.


Finally, We replace and install any materials that are affected. By the end, your home will look exactly as it did before the damage.

Common Water Damage Causes

Water problems are unfortunately not uncommon.

Your home might experience water leaking or damage due to several common occurrences.

This includes piping leaks or bursts, poor insulation, roof damage, foundation damage, and more. We're equipped to handle all water damage types -- even flooding.

The Key is Quick Cleanup

The effects of water damage can be mostly mitigated by acting quickly. It really takes effect when the moisture has had an opportunity to sink into the foundation and start the process of rot of mold growth. You can help the process by removing soaked materials such as furniture, rugs, or other household objects. Open rooms up as much as possible to encourage drying to begin before the professionals arrive to help.

Protect Yourself from Harm

Excess water can pose potential harm to you or your family. Do your best to make sure that no appliances or electrical currents are in contact with the water if possible. If it’s unsafe to touch, leave it to the professionals.

Don’t attempt to use household tools that use electricity to soak up the water. Also, be sure to avoid signs of bacteria or mold as they can quickly affect your breathing and cause health issues.

Prolonged Water Damage Exposure

Water has a lasting impact on your home that affects much more than just cosmetic appearances. The longer water sits, the more likely it is to produce harmful bacteria, mold, and rot. Prolonged exposure can deteriorate your home while also causing health issues.

Water Damage Spreads

Water damage can impact almost every area of your home if you let it. If you act fast, it’s possible to clean up the water before it creates irreparable damage. In other cases, it may be necessary to replace materials altogether.

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