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What Are The Common Causes Of Soot Damage?

A fire accident is terrible and can be mentally and physically devastating. A fully developed fire is hard to suppress, and it can cause severe damage to life and property. In fact, it is not only the fire but also the smoke that can be disastrous.

As the smoke travels to other parts of the building, it covers every surface in contact with soot. But what is soot? It is a powdery substance that sticks onto surfaces and objects and discolors them. Now, it may sound very easy to clean; however, it does much more damage than it looks.

Soot damage, if not treated promptly and properly, can be extremely harmful to our health. It can easily enter your body through the air you breathe in and cause respiratory illnesses and diseases, even death! Therefore, you should immediately look after soot damage and not take it lightly.

Below, we have listed the common causes of soot damage!

1. Poor fireplace ventilation: One of the most common causes of a house fire is the fireplace. Therefore, you must educate yourself about the working of the fireplace, like the flue damper, which is the passageway for the smoke. This damper allows the smoke to exit your property, thus, helping you avoid any soot damage.

2. Excessive candle usage: It might sound obvious, but many people forget about it. Although it is a small fire, constantly using a lot of candles will lead to soot buildup in the long run.

3. Broken appliances: Broken appliances, like a furnace, will emit smoke without you even noticing them.

Soot puffbacks result from excess fuel in your furnace’s burner chamber. Puffbacks often happen when you turn the heat on after a long time. Please note that furnace puffbacks or soot puffbacks are one of the leading causes of soot damage during the winter and fall seasons.

4. Cigarette/plant matter usage: Smoking in the house involves actual burning that results in soot buildup in your property, especially when smoking cigarettes.

5. High-temperature cooking: If you cook food in your kitchen for a long time without a proper ventilation system or opening windows to release the smoke out of your house, you make your property vulnerable to large amounts of smoke and soot. It will put your health and house at risk.

6. Nearby facilities: Large-scale factories and production workshops emit a huge amount of smoke into the air. However, the soot from this smoke can reach your home and affect it.

7. Vehicle exhaust emissions: When you leave your vehicle on for a long period of time, there is a lot of fuel that is unnecessarily burning. This burnt fuel can travel within your garage and into your house, leading to soot damage.

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