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Bohemia, New York is a small hamlet on the South Shore of Long Island. It is part of Suffolk County and borders the towns of Holbrook, Oakdale and West Sayville. The hamlet is close to the Long Island MacArthur Airport and is in close proximity to the larger city of NYC. Whether you’re looking to visit the area for a weekend getaway, or are looking for a place to live, Bohemia is a good option.

Bohemia, NY is home to a diverse population. Approximately 9172 residents call Bohemia home. There are two main ethnic groups: White (Non-Hispanic) and Black or African American (Non-Hispanic). However, there are many other ethnic groups that make up the majority of the population.

While Bohemia, New York is primarily a residential area, there are also plenty of businesses and restaurants to enjoy. For those interested in the arts, Bohemia offers many attractions to check out. There are also a few parks to visit. Those looking for a little more action can take advantage of the many horseback riding trails that are available. Besides, Bohemia has a great school system.

Residents of Bohemia are mostly middle-class families. The average age is 41 years old, and the majority of the homes are owner-occupied.

The Bohemia Historical Society has a museum that is filled with historical exhibits. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the museum by appointment. They can also browse through a collection of photographs and Czech manuscripts. In addition, the Bohemia Civic Association is a unified voice for residents on local government issues. Their mission is to protect and preserve the quality of the hamlet. During World War II, 118 people from the town served in the armed forces.

Although Bohemia is a small hamlet, it has a rich history. Many buildings are from the 19th century. Several cigar factories opened in the late nineteenth century. These factories later closed. Some new residents brought cigar making skills from their native country. Eventually, these factories were replaced by mechanized production.

With such a large variety of cultural and historical sites, it’s no wonder that Bohemia, NY ranks in the top 10% of cities with the best diversity in the nation. This is because of the influx of immigrants who settled in the area after the Great Migration. Most of these residents were from the Czech Republic.

One of the first settlers in Bohemia was a Slavic immigrant couple who moved out of the city for fresh air. They were friends with two other immigrants. As their friends found work in the oil factories on Fire Island, they decided to relocate.

Another of the first settlers was Charles Mazanek, a Czech immigrant. He and his wife owned two hotels in the area. The hotel he owned was originally located on Church and Walnut streets. After his death, his wife Stella continued to run Newhouse Restoration.

A renowned landmark in Bohemia is the bell from the 1903 school. During World War II, 118 residents of Bohemia served in the armed forces.

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Point of Interest #1 Burger King, 5141 Sunrise Hwy, Bohemia, NY 11716

Point of Interest #2 Sayville Plaza, Sunrise Hwy, Sayville, NY 11782

Point of Interest #3 Generation Kia, 4825 Sunrise Hwy, Bohemia, NY 11716

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