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Fire Damage Restoration: The Complete Guide

Fire Damage Restoration: The Complete Guide

Fire is deadly! A fire accident can be devastating as it can destroy your house and the lives of people living in it. Additionally, restoring the damaged property can be challenging and overwhelming.

According to National Fire Protection Association, fire departments across the United States respond to one fire every 24 seconds. Fire accounts for up to $25.5 billion of property damage every year. After the firefighters extinguish the flame, the fire damage restoration contractors are responsible for the most critical task- restoring the property to a pre-loss condition.

Below, we have listed the fire damage restoration steps in detail!

  1. Damage assessment: Firstly, the fire damage restoration contractor assesses the damage and analyses how far the smoke and flame have penetrated the property. At this stage, they also determine the intensity of the clean-up and what objects you can use again, and what you must discard. They will have a better idea of the scope of the work, cost estimate, and time estimate.
  2. Security of property & debris removal: Then, the restoration contractor will move on to securing the property. They will install a fence around the property, tarp off the remaining parts of the property to avoid further damage, and remove debris around the perimeter. Ensure the contractor seals off the area that was not impacted by the fire to minimize cross-contamination.
  3. Demolition, water mitigation, and dry out: Contractors aim to prevent mold or corrosion during this stage. Therefore, they remove water and dry out the entire property with the help of water extraction crews; they will also relocate your personal property from the inside of your house. The contractor will remove the damaged drywall and flooring. However, you must maintain roof tarps to prevent water from entering the property.
  4. Clean up & smoke removal: This is the most time-consuming part of fire damage restoration. Smoke damage restoration demands a lot of manual labor. You may even have to clean every area of your property. Then, you will have to use an excellent deodorizing agent to thoroughly remove smoke odors and a sanitizing agent to halt further mold growth. You must also clean the duct to remove any smoke, debris, or soot that may have settled in there.
  5. Construction & restoration- It is the final step in fire damage restoration that involves rebuilding fire-damaged areas or performing necessary repairs. Some parts of your property may have become completely unsalvageable. You may have to build new structures, replace the electrical, flooring materials, interior counters, and paint the drywall to bring back the property to a pre-loss condition.

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