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6 Main Causes of Sewer Damage

6 Main Causes of Sewer Damage

Every homeowner faces sewer damage issues at least once in their lifetime. The causes for the same can range from heavy rainfall to tree roots penetrating the sewage pipes. If you experience any such problems, you must immediately treat them to prevent them from worsening. It would be best to hire a professional for the job since they will follow all the safety precautions while fixing your sewage system.

Below, we have listed the top six causes of sewer damage!

  1. Tree roots- Trees are essential to our yards as they provide us wood for building and heating homes with fire made from their branches. However,  if they grow inside the pipes only meant for water, they can also cause serious sewer problems. It can lead to a blockage, resulting in backups and the growth of molds and mildew. It may also cause some flooding situations and damage your house if left untreated for long.
  2. Blockages- Several things, like baby wipes, grease, and feminine hygiene products, can cause sewer damage. If these accumulate in the pipes, they result in a blockage or even a collapse of the sewage pipes. Therefore, you should be extra cautious while disposing of your trash and not throw such products down the drain or toilet.
  3. Leaking pipes- Leaking pipes are every homeowner’s worst nightmare as they can cause severe issues, like mold growth and water intrusion. Moreover, these issues demand extensive repairs or replacements on your property. Therefore, to prevent leaking pipes, hire a professional for a thorough plumbing inspection. They will also make the necessary repair and replacement in no time and help you avoid any damage.
  4. Old pipes- Your sewer system can efficiently work, even when it is raining heavily. However, in case of a downpour or adverse weather conditions for prolonged periods, you may experience backup problems due to too much water entering the complex sewage system. Further, it overloads its capacity, resulting in sewage issues and damage.
  5. Rust- Over time, rust may develop in the sewer pipes due to constant contact with water. It is not good for your sewage system as it can hamper the water drainage through the pipes. Moreover, rust can also damage the exterior of the pipes, resulting in cracks and leaks. Therefore, to avoid rust development, conduct a professional sewer line inspection every year.
  6. Rodents- Mice and rodents can chew anything and everything in their path. Therefore, if you spot small tunnels or holes in your yard, immediately call an exterminator to remove all the pests; otherwise, they will gnaw through your sewage system and create a mess loaded with contaminants.

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