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5 Ways to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

5 Ways to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

As a homeowner, your worst nightmare will be water damage as it is difficult to clean up. Once the water penetrates the building materials, it can linger for days if not dried properly. It can damage the structure of the building and weaken the walls and floors. What’s worse is that if you do not clean it and apply preventive measures immediately, mold will start developing, which will cause intensive damage to your property.

Below, we have listed the top five ways to prevent mold after water damage.

1. Remove the water: First, you must remove all the water from your building. You can either use a specialized water vacuum or a traditional bucket to throw the water away. However, ensure you have all the protective gear and equipment to protect you from contaminated water. We suggest you hire residential water damage restoration professionals for this job as they have the modern machinery and the necessary gear to do the job quickly and efficiently.

2. Remove damp rugs and carpetsDamp carpets and rugs take a lot of time to dry; therefore, immediately remove them from the affected area and steam clean to remove all germs and bacteria. You can also dry them in direct sunlight to minimize the risk of mold infestation. However, if you do not remove the carpets and rugs, mold will grow underneath them and spread to the surrounding areas.

3. Dry the wet surfaces: Now, you should dry all the wet surfaces as much as possible to prevent moisture. You can either use a mop or rag to soak up the remaining water that the vacuum could not remove. We suggest using an industrial-sized fan to remove all the excess moisture and dry the surface quickly.

4. Keep the room dry: Your room’s humidity should be below 50% to avoid mold growth. You can use a dehumidifier to maintain the right humidity level. If the weather is sunny and warm, open all the windows and let the air inside your home while you use the dehumidifier. It will keep your room dry after you remove all the excess water. Maintain this dryness for a few days to avoid mold growth.

5. Sanitize all surfaces: Once you remove all the water and moisture, you should clean and sanitize all surfaces. You can use cleaning agents or take the help of professionals to prevent mold growth. However, if you still see traces of mold growth even after following the above-mentioned preventive measures, you should immediately look for a professional home restoration contractor.

You might be tempted to use DIY mold cleaning solutions, but you should know they are not always effective and can result in various health problems. On the other hand, a professional home restoration company will eliminate the mold from your property, allowing you to breathe the indoor air without any concerns.

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