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4 Ways to Spot Future Water Damage Before You Buy a Home

4 Ways to Spot Future Water Damage Before You Buy a Home

As a homeowner, water damage to your property is the worst nightmare you may have to deal with. Not identifying the signs early and overlooking them can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, you should always look out for water damage symptoms and eliminate the potential causes of the damage. If you uncover any problem, hire a home restoration company to resolve it at the earliest.

To sum it up, you should keep an eye out for the signs that may lead to future water damage, especially if you buy a new home. It will help you make better decisions, prepare you for what is about to come, and avoid havoc in the future.

Below are the top four ways to spot future water damage before you buy a home!

1. Follow your nose: While you are investigating the property, look out for unusual smells, specifically in the basement, bathrooms, and garage. Ask the broker or agent about anything that smells musty or moldy. Keep an eye out for all visible signs of mold too, like discoloration on the walls. You should also call a water damage restoration company near you to inspect the property and determine the extent of damage and the possible treatment solution for it.

2.Visit after a storm: If you are considering the property, visit it after a rainstorm to examine its exterior. Check where the water is flowing. Ideally, it should slope away from the house to prevent any damage. Observe the crawl space and the foundation and look for any signs of dampness as it is a sign of water intrusion.

3.Check the roof: Pay attention to the shingles; discolored, loose, or dimpled shingles are warning signs of leaks. If your area has snowy weather conditions, look out for icicles hanging from the eaves as they might look pretty but can be a sign of an ice dam. If the roof is not well-insulated, the heat will melt the ice, which will get trapped and seep into the roof and walls.

4.Investigate windows and door frames: For this, you will not even need to enter the property. Just walk around the house and examine the windows and the doors. There should be no gaps between the wall and sills, caulk must not be peeling, and the wood must not be discolored or soft; otherwise, it is a sign of future water damage. However, it does not mean that you cannot buy the property. You can hire a water damage restoration service professional to repair and replace the damaged wood, look for the cause of water damage, and treat it.

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