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Reliable Asbestos Removal in Brentwood, NY

Hire Newhouse Restoration in Brentwood, NY for Efficient Asbestos Removal

Are you in need of asbestos removal services and looking for a company that values efficiency? We’re here to help. At Newhouse Restoration, our family-owned business based in Brentwood, NY specializes in water damage restoration and asbestos removal. By choosing us, you’ll get top-notch service from a team that understands the importance of time and efficiency.

We take pride in our ability to provide fast and reliable service without sacrificing quality. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Prompt response: We understand how crucial it is to address asbestos-related issues as soon as possible. That’s why we make sure to respond quickly to your inquiries.
  2. Skilled technicians: Our team consists of experienced professionals who have undergone thorough training, ensuring they can efficiently handle any asbestos removal job.
  3. State-of-the-art equipment: To guarantee efficient work, we use the latest tools and technology available in the industry.
  4. Transparent communication: Throughout the entire process, we keep you informed about our progress and any potential obstacles that may arise.

Don’t let asbestos be a lingering concern for your home or business – trust Newhouse Restoration to provide an efficient solution tailored specifically for your needs!


At Newhouse Restoration, we’re dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and safe asbestos removal services in Brentwood, NY. We understand the dangers that asbestos can pose to your health and the environment, so we’ve made it our mission to help protect you and your property from these risks. Our team of experts is well-equipped and experienced in handling all aspects of asbestos removal, ensuring that your home or business is left clean, safe, and free of any hazardous materials. So when it comes to asbestos removal, you can trust us to get the job done right. Complete asbestos removal and cleanup


At Newhouse Restoration, we’re proud to be a family-owned business that offers top-notch asbestos removal services in Brentwood, NY. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and safe solutions for all your water damage restoration needs. As a veteran-supporting company, we understand the importance of fast response times and friendly support – which is why we’ve earned 5-star Google reviews from our satisfied customers! So when it comes to asbestos removal, trust us to get the job done right while keeping your safety as our top priority. Choose Newhouse Restoration – you won’t be disappointed!


Q: What is asbestos removal and why is it important?

A: Asbestos removal is the process of safely and efficiently removing asbestos-containing materials from a building or structure. It’s important because asbestos exposure can lead to serious health issues such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. We prioritize your safety and ensure the removal process is done correctly.

Q: How do we determine if a building contains asbestos?

A: We start by conducting a thorough inspection and taking samples of any suspected asbestos-containing materials. These samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. If asbestos is present, we’ll discuss the next steps for removal and remediation with you.

Q: Is it safe for us to remove asbestos ourselves?

A: We strongly recommend against attempting to remove asbestos on your own. Improper handling can cause the material to become airborne, increasing the risk of exposure. Our team is trained and certified in safe and efficient asbestos removal, ensuring the health and safety of all involved.

Q: How long does the asbestos removal process typically take?

A: The duration of the asbestos removal process depends on the size of the area and the amount of asbestos-containing materials present. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily life, but our primary concern is always safety. Once we assess the situation, we’ll provide a more accurate timeline for the project.

Q: How do we dispose of the removed asbestos materials?

A: We adhere to strict guidelines for the safe and responsible disposal of asbestos waste. This includes using specialized containers and transporting the waste to a designated facility for proper disposal. You can trust us to handle all aspects of the asbestos removal process with care and professionalism.

Restore your peace of mind with Newhouse Restoration – We’re family-owned, veteran-supporting, and dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and safe water damage restoration in Brentwood, NY. Don’t wait, contact our friendly 5-star team today for fast and effective asbestos removal!

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