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At Newhouse Restoration, we deeply understand the turmoil and upheaval that water damage can bring into your life. Unforeseen events such as floods, leaks, or appliance failures can disrupt your daily routine unexpectedly. Our mission is to guide you through these challenges, aiding in the restoration of normalcy to both your home and life.

Our team comprises committed professionals dedicated to delivering thorough and prompt restoration services. These services are designed to address not only the immediate damage but also to mitigate potential future complications. Our profound experience and specialized knowledge in this field underscore the urgency of quick action and the delivery of superior results.

During this difficult period, we are here to provide a customized approach that aligns with your specific requirements. Our goal is to lessen the impact of water damage on both your property and personal items, while ensuring an efficient and smooth restoration journey. Choosing Newhouse Restoration means placing your trust in experts who are genuinely invested in your comfort and the enduring safety of your home.

Water Damage Restoration Bohemia

Water damage restoration is a multi-faceted process that requires a quick and efficient response. Our team starts with a thorough assessment of the damage, using advanced technology to detect hidden moisture and assess the extent of the damage. Following this, water extraction begins, utilizing powerful pumps and vacuums to remove standing water. The next steps involve drying and dehumidifying the affected areas to prevent mold growth, followed by cleaning and sanitizing to eliminate any contaminants. Lastly, restoration, which can range from minor repairs to major reconstruction, is undertaken to bring your property back to its pre-damage condition. Our certified technicians, equipped with WRT and ASD certifications, are adept at handling these tasks with precision and care.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage presents a complex array of challenges that require specialized attention, including issues such as smoke damage, soot accumulation, and potential structural compromise. At Newhouse Restoration, we have a skilled team that is adept in navigating the intricacies of fire damage restoration, ensuring a comprehensive recovery process for your property.

Our approach begins with a meticulous inspection to accurately gauge the extent of the damage. This critical first step allows us to develop a targeted plan that addresses all the nuances of the damage caused by the fire. We understand that each fire incident is unique, and our assessments are thorough to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Following the inspection, our team focuses on smoke and soot removal. Smoke can infiltrate various materials and surfaces, leaving behind odors and residues that are not only unpleasant but can also be harmful. We use advanced equipment and specialized techniques, honed through extensive experience, to meticulously clean and restore all surfaces affected by fire and smoke. This includes attending to walls, ceilings, floors, and even personal belongings, ensuring that every trace of soot and smoke is eradicated.

>We place a strong emphasis on structural assessment and restoration. Fire can compromise the integrity of building materials, making it crucial to evaluate the safety and stability of the structure. Our professionals are trained to identify and address any structural issues, ensuring that your property is not only aesthetically restored but also structurally sound and safe for occupancy.

Our team’s Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FRT) certification is a testament to our expertise and commitment to excellence in restoring fire-damaged properties. This certification is not merely a credential; it represents our team’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest techniques and best practices in fire damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Bohemia New York

Mold is a serious concern in any property, posing significant health risks and the potential for rapid proliferation if not properly and promptly addressed. At Newhouse Restoration, we are acutely aware of the dangers posed by mold growth and are committed to providing an effective and comprehensive solution to manage and eradicate it.

Our mold remediation process is meticulous and begins with a thorough inspection. This initial step is crucial for identifying the full extent of the mold infestation, which can often be more widespread than visible to the naked eye. Mold can thrive in hidden areas such as behind walls, under floors, or in ceiling spaces, making a detailed inspection essential for a successful remediation process.

Once the extent of the mold issue is determined, our next step is to contain the affected area. This is a critical measure to prevent the dispersion of mold spores to other parts of the property during the remediation process. We employ advanced containment techniques, such as physical barriers and negative air pressure systems, to isolate the area and ensure that mold spores do not spread during the removal process.

Following containment, our team water damage restoration team employs specialized air filtration equipment. This step is designed to capture airborne mold spores, which are a common byproduct of mold growth and a contributor to poor indoor air quality. Our high-efficiency air filters and purifiers work to cleanse the air and remove these spores, significantly reducing the risk of health issues and further mold proliferation.

The core of our process is the actual mold removal. Our team uses safe, effective, and environmentally friendly methods to eradicate mold from the affected areas. We understand that each mold situation can be different, so we tailor our approach to the specific needs of your property, using techniques and products that are most effective for your particular mold problem.

After the removal, we focus on cleaning and sanitizing the area to ensure that no traces of mold or its spores remain. This step not only addresses the immediate issue but also helps in preventing future mold growth. Our cleaning process is thorough, ensuring that every surface affected by mold is treated and restored to a safe and healthy state.

Water Damage Restoration Near Me

Asbestos, commonly found in older buildings, can be hazardous if disturbed. Our asbestos abatement services include a thorough inspection and risk assessment, followed by the safe removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Our team is certified through the State of New York for asbestos abatement, ensuring that we handle these materials in compliance with all safety regulations and guidelines.

Certifications and Qualifications

Our company prides itself on its array of certifications, which reflect our commitment to excellence in the restoration industry. Our BBB A+ rating signifies our dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. Our IICRC certifications, including WRT, ASD, FRT, AMRT, and CCT, represent our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in restoration services. These certifications are not just titles; they are a testament to our ability to provide high-quality, reliable, and professional services.

Working with Insurance Providers

Dealing with water or fire damage is stressful enough without the added burden of navigating insurance claims. Our company works seamlessly with all insurance providers in Long Island and surrounding areas, assisting you in the claims process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our expertise in this area means we can provide accurate assessments and documentation, facilitating a quicker and more efficient claims process.

Water damage restoration and related services are critical in protecting and restoring your property. Our comprehensive suite of services, combined with our extensive certifications and customer-centric approach, positions us as a leading restoration service provider in Long Island and nearby areas. Whether you are grappling with the aftermath of water or fire damage, contending with mold, or needing asbestos abatement, our team is ready to provide expert assistance, ensuring that your property is restored to its best possible condition.

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